Archived Materials

Uspanteko Collection of Ryan Bennett and Robert Henderson
Currently embargoed, though please email Robert or Ryan for special AILLA access.

Workshop Materials

Workshop on Practical Phonetics
Materials from the 2016 workshop on practical phonetics at Universidad del Valle-Sololá.

Workshop on ELAN (zip download)
Materials from the 2018 workshop on ELAN at the Comunidad Lingüística Uspanteka.

Workshop on TPR (zip download)
Materials from the 2019 workshop on Total Physical Response at the Comunidad Lingüística Uspanteka.

Presentation of grant results (zip download)
Materials from the 2022 workshop presenting NSF grant results to the Comunidad Lingüística Uspanteka.

Online Uspanteko Texts

Collection of Uspanteko texts
A collection of transcribed and translated texts in Uspanteko, produced using LingView.

An encounter between an Uspanteko man and the supernatural lord of the hill Xoqoneb’.